This may be the best content you will come across for those that want to leave Nigeria. I also made a video below

Graduating with Third Class didn't stop me from getting a scholarship abroad and nothing will stop you from your Travel Dream.

Now Imagine If I help you get your own testimony like the ones below

Let’s not argue or deny it, we all know that Nigeria is not getting any better, this means even if you think you are comfortable, your children or unborn children may face a country with a useless currency and increasing cost of everything. Countries are also making it more difficult to travel that is why I’m making this arrangement to enable you travel even if you don’t have much money or no excellent qualification.

I will be coaching 30 persons to achieve their travel dreams within a short time of 3 months or less depending on when you want to travel. Once the required number is obtained then the offer will be closed because I want to personally guide these persons to achieve their travel dream within a short time and presently just few slots left.

Let me tell you a bit, after I graduated with third-class, I was shy of even mentioning it and it wasn’t easy telling my parents what i graduated with after spending years at the university. I remember that night when I went on my knees, presenting my poor result while feeling very sober about it. But now everything is history and it is surprising to note how I could still further in masters and still have a scholarship at that.

Trust me, this is rare and i know exactly what makes even a poor grade person stand out. My personal experience should be a motivation for you and it is possible you have a better result and you deserve, of which I’m definitely going to help you. Particularly if you need sponsorship/scholarship abroad or you just want to relocate for work.

You will gain the secrets to make it happen if you don’t have enough money or you don’t meet the academic requirement for those that are traveling via school.




The best work permit for you

The right country for you

work relocation without English test

Preparation materials worth 50,000 naira

Assistance on finance (proof of funds)


School Route

·         The right school for your BSC / MSc or research engagement

·         Guide you to draft an excellent personal statement or statement of purpose that can earn you placement, sponsorship / scholarship.

·         VISA guide and assistance with registration without spending on agents that are just after your money. Agents that haven’t travelled abroad before.

·         I provide you secrets and preparation materials for any English test and this is worth 50k

·         I also help you get offers without need for any English test which many are not aware of

       You also know how to deal with proof of funds issue

·         You will have direct access to me on phone that enables you to get clarified on any issue until you travel. Yes, I mean until you travel

Now the cost of all I will be offering is worth 50,000 naira and more for just one day consultation. Notwithstanding, I’m making it open for a few persons to only 10,000 naira today to seal their slot and receive my guidance until they travel.

Some of my friends have already introduced their relative to this guidance I’m providing so I can’t guarantee space availability. By clicking on the online pay button you will find the number of slots left.

Now, do you know as someone working parttime or schooling abroad you can make as much as 20 to 50,000 naira per day abroad, so any investment for your travel is worth it. The information i will be sharing will enable you get sponsorship for your study and also enable you overcome the issue of evidence of your financial standing.

You can pay online or pay via bank transfer


GTB Bank


Wisdom Silas


Or use the payment button below;

Once you register you will immediately get started with all the followup and my personal assistance to enable you succeed with your travel target.